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Increase Property Value

Forestry Mulching is a one step process for clearing land.  There are no piles or burning needed and permits are generally not required. Whether you are building a new home or looking to control vegetation on your property, Vegetation Management Services has the solution. 

More Affordable Than Conventional Clearing

At Vegetation Management Services every job starts with a visit to your property. We cruise your land and give expert advice to each particular request. you are given an exact price for our services and an exact time when we can schedule your clearing to take place. Pricing is much more affordable than conventional land clearing.
How It Works

One Step Process

Forestry Mulching and Underbrush Removal is a one step process using specialized forestry equiment that cuts, grinds, and chips trees, brush, and vines into mulch that covers the ground eliminating the need for burning and unsightly piles. This mulch prevents erosion and restricts the regrowth of vegetation.

​Professional Tree Service

Vegetation Management Services, LLC is a fully Licensed and Insured Tree Service. From start to finish Safety is our number 1 concern. Professionally trained and knowledgable employees take the appropriate steps to maintain the highest level of service to each and every customer. Whether Residential or Commercial we have the solution for all of  your Tree Service needs. 
All of our services begin with an aggressive approach to making SAFETY our number 1 priority. With the proper equipment and the highest level of professionalism we offer services ranging from general tree pruning to complete tree removal. Call us today for a free consultation and allow us to assist you in all of your Tree Service needs.

Herbicide Application

Herbicides are an effective way of treating and preventing unwanted vegetation. Our services provide a solution to killing Grasses, Weeds, Aquatic Plant Life and Kudzu. Applications that are common are Maintenance of Previous Cleared Property, Fence Lines, Right of Ways, Ditches, and Overgrown Brush, Bushes and Sapplings.  Vegetation Management Services, LLC